Art in photography

Photographs a new meaning, in some cases aided by the texts he inserts in his works, creating in this way, a metalanguage within the work. We could say that he proposes to us through his work a new way of seeing the world, a complex and fragmented world.

The Austrian Arnulf Rainer , began his most characteristic work influenced by the ideas of surrealist automatism , pictorial movement that appealed to the suppression of rational control in the composition of the work, leaving the artist total freedom to create. So Rainer, under these ideas began in the late 60s to intervene his histrionic self – portraits of photo booth with studs, scribbles and paintings.

In these interventions, which continues even today working on them, plays with the double meaning accentuated many times by the title, as well as with the idea of death. That is, the artist suffers a double immolation , on the one hand the portrait of a photo booth is gagged in a gesture of pain, of certain violence that produces fear, and on the other side it is immolated by the fact of marking, of manipulating the surface of the image and transgress , in that way, modern theories about what art is and what food photographer Hong Kong is.

photographer for its beautiful images planned and staged as if it will be a frame of a film, belongs to a group of photographers emerged in Vancouvert that approached a more documentary photography , without losing its artistic aura. Thus, Wall is one of those artists in whose image the importance lies in its beauty and not so much in its concept.

However, despite his refusal to follow the fashion of conceptual art, minimalism or reappropriation, among other avant-garde movements, he has been considered as one of the fathers of photoconceptualism due to the dramatization of his compositionally thoughtful images.

Surely there are many more photographers who illustrate these examples better, but personally the four mentioned above interest me because of their way of working and because of the context in which they arose, when photography and art began to mix and unite. So, I hope you find the article interesting and contribute your opinion about what artistic photography is for you.

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