diet of weight loss

In the following video of my companions Adriana and Juana María, dietitians-nutritionists of Alimmenta, they also give you the key points to follow a diet of weight loss and lose 15 kilos. The process of lose weight naturally reduction covers a multitude of factors, from the environment in which you live to the small daily decisions that you make when making the purchase, cooking or choosing a restaurant that directly influence your eating pattern.

It is important to know that the body fat percentage is very relevant to a person, since an excess, especially a visceral level , all may result in serious diseases such as obesity , hypertension , diabetes, cardiovascular disease , cancer , etc. The levels of body fat depend on several factors such as: genetics, gender, physical activity, hormonal regulation, eating behavior, microbiota, etc. And among the most determining factors would be the intake and daily energy expenditure (expenditure at rest and activity), which I will talk about later.

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