Exercises from that instance

It is known by all that physical activity also benefits cognitive health through the positive cardiovascular impacts extended to the cerebrovascular system, increased neurogenesis, improvement of cerebral cytoarchitecture Purest Keto Review (blood vessels, dendrites, microglia) and electrophysiological properties, as well as decrease in formation of amyloid plaques in the degenerative diseases that so affect the elderly of PHC.

For this reason, an adequate planning and carrying out of exercises from that instance of health will favor the quality of life of the gerentones, preventing risks and biopsychosocial complications.

The quality of aging is an integral and natural part of life. The way in which this process is aged and lived depends not only on the genetic structure or the experiences of the older adult Purest Keto Review, (3) but also on the physical activity that he is able to perform in order to stay healthy.

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