How the videogame business

Video games make both boys and girls tend to be more creative, according to a new study from Michigan State University (USA). In experiments with 500 twelve-year-old children, scientists found that those who played Casino video games were more creative in performing tasks such as drawing or writing stories. However, the use of mobile phones, the Internet and computers did not reveal any direct relationship with creativity at these ages. Researchers say the finding should make “game developers identify which aspects of their products make us more creative,” says Linda Jackson, co-author of the work published by the magazine Computers in Human Behavior.

In addition, the study also showed that children use video games more time than girls, and that while the former show a certain preference for sports or violent games, girls usually opt for video games that involve interaction with others (humans or characters and animals).

When digital platforms such as Steam, Playstation Network or Xbox Live made their appearance for the first time, I think few or none were able to foresee how the videogame business model would evolve in the following years, thanks to these platforms we could see as the so-called DLC or Downloadable Content began to appear.

These DLC initially offered us what had always been called game expansions, extensions of the story to extend the life of the game, but little by little, from the developers, they began to introduce new ways to take advantage of this way of creating new content: aesthetic customizations for our players, new weapons, improvements in the statistics of our character, season passes or the jewel in the crown of controversy, boxes of loot or reward.

Some of the most difficult cases was the Asura’s Wrath on PS3, to see the real end of the game we had to pay $ 7 / euros. More recently, we have the case of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which to improve our character at a decent pace practically forced us to buy experience from your store using, yes, real money.

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