Premium features of Outlook

Sometimes, finding an email client with too many options and possibilities, can create the opposite effect, giving the user an unpleasant feeling. For this reason, people who only need the basic functions of email, such as sending and receiving emails, calendar and little else, they are looking for less complex alternatives to In addition, many of the alternatives that we are going to present in this article are free, or at least, less expensive than the € 100 you should spend to use all the premium features of Outlook. If you are looking for a simpler user interface, but still need some of the main features of Outlook, we have included a list of alternatives to Outlook that you should consider.

If the complicated design and user interface is your biggest problem with Outlook, then Mailbird is definitely one of the best alternatives to Outlook that you should consider. Mailbird has been designed with the user in mind: it has a clear user interface, offers an intuitive browsing experience and has a simple design that allows quick navigation in all areas of the application. Therefore, most people can learn to use this application in just 5 minutes, while with Outlook it can take days to get used to.

A concern of people who are not familiar with Mailbird is that it does not have as many options as Outlook. We only say one thing to these people: it’s not like that. In fact, in many ways, Mailbird’s features are more sophisticated than those of Outlook, and are presented in a way that does not disturb or complicate the browsing experience.

Regarding the importance of the brand, Gmail and Outlook are immediately recognizable. Gmail is one of the most popular email clients in the world, but it has a clear difference with respect to Outlook and the other alternatives to Outlook named in this list: it is a web-based email software. There are some advantages to using this email client: you can access it from anywhere and from any computer, and you do not need to install a separate application. However, some of the disadvantages of this client include not being able to access your email without an internet connection and having fewer functions than a desktop application.

Microsoft Outlook is a professional email client, used mainly in companies or for business purposes, but it is not suitable for everyone. You may not know all the other alternatives to Outlook on the market and why you should choose them instead of Outlook. We hope that this list gives you new options to consider when choosing your email client.

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