Section of Casino Genie

Something that caught my attention is that in addition to having a large amount of reviews and content in general, these are different from most of the casino genting, because although they are short, they are quite detailed and direct with the same emphasis in the positive and negative aspects of each online casino and each game.

The VegasMaster reviews are divided into four categories: Casinos, games, payment methods and casino softwares and each category has several parameters to find what you are looking for without problems. However, the advanced search could be simplified a bit since if one is not familiar with VegasMaster it is slightly confusing.

Something that separates VegasMaster from its competitors is that the reviews are only a small part of its offer, since there is also daily news on topics related to the game, as well as articles of interest on different topics such as this one about the GarcĂ­a family -Pelayo and how they won the roulette

Another interesting aspect of VegasMaster is its forums section, where there are different discussions related to the game and there are several questions that administrators respond promptly. The forums section is a bit hidden but it is worth looking for and taking a look.

Finally, one of the best aspects is the so-called “Casino Genie” which is a section where multiple choice questions VegasMaster recommends some casinos according to the preference of type of games, forms of payment and other parameters. This section of “Casino Genie” is somewhat wasted because despite being great they have not promoted much.

One of the main factors why I usually avoid this type of casino portals is that they usually bombard us with a high amount of advertising, which is extremely annoying. In addition to this, since these types of portals advertise casinos, reviews of them are usually not completely impartial in general.

Something that surprised me positively about VegasMaster is that they do not have banners, pop ups or any type of advertising which makes browsing on this website more pleasant and at least the reviews I had the opportunity to read seemed impartial.

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